June 30, 2022

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2022 Children’s Day: Lagos FRSC Unveils Teenager As Road Safety Ambassador

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This year 2022 Children’s Day celebration was full of fun and very remarkable as Lagos State Command of Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) adopted another dimension to continue spreading the gospel of being safety consciousness while making use of roads.
The Command adopted the system of making a teenager a 24-hour Sector Commander to motivate other children to imbibe road safety culture and to continue enlighten their families on the danger of disobeying traffic rules while behind the wheel.
The colorful event, titled: “Children Weep, stop killing us”, has the attendance of schoolchildren from both government and private schools across Lagos State. It featured match past, safety tips, dancing and presentation of gifts.
Speaking at the event, Sector Commander Olusegun Ogungbemide, said May 27 on every year is a national day set aside to recognise and celebrate children all over the nation.
The celebration was unique in Lagos because they were not just celebrating the children but using them to reach out to members of the public on the need to drive safe and create a better future for them.
“There is no other person closer to their parents to extend the enlightenment on the importance of safety on the road than the children themselves.
“We adopted child advocacy having realised that children are the routes to their parents’ health. The advertisers used children to advertise products that are consumables for children.
“We know that anything a child says will always touch the parents and that is why we believe we should adopt the same platform to educate the children.
“The management chose Vanessa Jones as the Command’s Ambassador, having discovered that she stand out among her pearls based on her articulation, passion and ability to educate her mates on the need for safety measures on the roads,” He said.
CC Ogungbemide stressed the need for road users to always considered necessary all traffic rules while driving as the only solutions to stop the killing of innocent children on the road. “There is a verse of the bible that says: ‘children are the heritage of the Lord.’ Children are much affected of all ugly incident on the road, either they were killed or their mother neither their father.
RS2 Zonal Commander, ACM Peter Kibo, while congratuting the children, charged them to be great ambassadors of Nigeria.
Kibo said the leaders of tomorrow begin today with the children’s upbringing and exposure to what is happening in their environment.
“Road Safety is concerned about children because due to accidents on the road, some children became and orphans.
“We are informing the children today being their celebration to inculcate the safety consciousness to understand the roles and regulations to catch them young.
“As they grow with knowledge, they will be correcting the drivers that carry them to school, their parents or other drivers as they go along,” Kibo said.
He said that when the children imbibe a safety culture in their young minds, they would grow with it and always obey the rules and regulations of the road.
Commenting, Jones advised children to always be careful on the road. She also urged them to desist from playing on the road to avoid tragedy.
Jones, a student of New Pinnacle School, Omole Lagos, advised the children to always look left, right and look left again before they the road.
The one-day sector Commander also urged children to go deep in appealing to their parents to always considered safety and drive carefully while behind the wheel to end incessant road crashes, saying no child would like to lose his/her parent and or other loved ones as a result of road crashes.
“I wish to join FRSC in future because I just want to be saving lives and also use social media to safe lives,” Jones said.
The Lagos State Deputy Coordinator of Special Marshals, Olalekan Kuku and Member of Advocacy Committee, Alhaji Sadiq Adebowale, appealed to the children to abstain from all form of indiscipline that could negatively affect their future.
They also urged both teachers and parents to always guiding and monitoring the movement of their children either in school or at home.

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