March 5, 2024

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A Night of Second Chances on Africa Magic’s Indomie Love Bowl Game Show

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The latest episode of the Indomie Love Bowl provided four families from previous episodes with a second chance to win a spot at the grand finale. It was a night of stiff competition and heart-stopping moments. The atmosphere echoed with energy as the audience cheered, showing their excitement at seeing their favorite families back on the show.
The episode featured the Omo Ibrahim Family (Red Team), Ajanaku Family (Green Team), Sholuade Family (Blue Team), and Popoola Family (Yellow Team), all vying for a spot in the grand finale.
The show kicked off with the Fire Round segment to decide the first game of the night. The Omo Ibrahim Family won the round, earning themselves 6 points and the opportunity to reveal the starting game.
The first game of the night, Finish The Lyrics, made its debut on the show. The four families attempted to finish the lyrics of the popular Indomie jingle. The Yellow Team won that round with 20 points.
The Indomie Jenga, another new game on the show, was one of the audience favorites. The kids were required to find out the last man standing in the game. The Yellow Team won this round, earning themselves double their points thanks to their use of the love card, which allows participants to double their scores.
The third game of the night, the Indomie Toss, challenged the kids to toss a sack into netted holes, which carried different points determined by the distance. The Red Team won this round with 50 points.
It was all about teamwork in the final round. The kids were asked to draw words from a selected category while the moms had to guess the words correctly.
At the end of the night, the Popoola family’s Mum and son duo were crowned winners, earning a coveted spot in the grand finale.
Catch new episodes of the Indomie Love Bowl game show every Sunday on Africa Magic Family (DStv 154 and GOtv 7) at 7:00 pm, Africa Magic Urban (DStv Ch 153 and GOtv Ch 8) from 5:00 pm–6:00 pm, and Africa Magic Showcase (DStv Ch. 151 and GOtv Supa+ Ch. 12) from 6:00 pm–7:00 pm.

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