March 4, 2024

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Chief Ojuko Denies Relationship With Thugs Or Landgrabbers In Akoore, Saari

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The newly appointed Special Adviser to Ogun State Governor Dapo Abiodun, High Chief Olajide Ojuko has debunked allegations of harassment and land grabbing levelled against him.
He denied having any relationship with thugs neither landgrabbers in Akoore and Saari communities within the state, noting that he was invited by Kabiyesi Oba Akiale to join in settling the land dispute among the concern parties.
The former two times commissioner in the state called on the indigenes and general inhabitants of the aforementioned communities including the state government to disregard the letter written and signed by Mr Onatade Akeem saying it was to damage his personality.
Chief Ojuko, emphasized that the type of his caliber can not conniving with people of questionable characters to harass land owners over their properties, hence the allegations were made to smear his credibility and to mislead the society.
“Infact, it was Oba Akiale that invited me being an Ota indigene to join him in the peacemaking process, to settle the long-term land fisticuffs between the concern parties. He had summon both parties in the meeting before invited me. Am just one of the peacemakers in the issue. So I wonder why he should turned me to someone trying to use thugs and landgrabbers to highjack their properties. Kabiyesi Oba Femi Ogunleye is my living witness. Anybody can contact him and ask the role am playing in the matter.
“Perhaps, he has denied alledging me of conniving with thugs. After his denial, my lawyer took his time to ask him if what he wrote portrayed Chief Ojuko as a peacemaker in the matter. Meanwhile, I have directed my lawyer to write petition about the case to appropriate Police Quarters for more investigation and to deal with the matter accordingly. I believe Police will ask him of what interest he had in spoiling my name,” Chief Ojuko, said.
Some section of youth of Akoore and Saari Communities under the leadership of their principal secretary,  Mr Onatade Akeem, accused Chief Ojuko and Mr Johnson Adeleye of conniving with some other thugs and landgrabbers to harass and intimidate the land owners for the purpose of highjacking and converting the properties to their self belongings.
The statement read in part:
“Re- Urgent Attention Sent 24th Day of November, 2023.
“I am representing the  section of Youth of my Community ( Akoore & Saari Communities). In view of this, I believe this platform should be able to assist or direct me to the appropriate quarter that will handle community predicament.
“The picture above in the DPP report is the head of thugs been used by Mr Johnson Adeleye and Chief Jide Ojuko who is currently a special Adviser to His Excellency Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State. As we can read from the report of the DPP the personalty of this notorious thugs.
“This thugs came to our village Akoore and Saari with their gang to drive us out of our homes with various arms for the past 8 months, they burgled our houses and went away with our properties worth Millions of Naira. He is using  top police officers to avert justice, we have taken all necessary legal means within our reach but all to no avail.
“To this end, we are using this medium to call on Ogun state government to come to our aid, especially with this new police publication, that the thugs himself is a wanted murderer, this is the kind of person people like Jide Ojuko and his group are using to grab and that does not belong to them. Chief Jide Ojuko does not come from Saari neither is he from Akoore and he is standing for his group as “oloriebi’ of this notorious group. They had held us to an hostage for the past 8months, we can’t go to our village again. Please help us out.”
Onatade Akeem A.
Youth Secretary for Akoore Youth

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