May 24, 2024

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APC youth group passes vote of confidence on Buni

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The All Progressive Congress- Youth and Students council has condemned in its entirety the satanic call by one purported group unknown by the leadership of our Great Party APC on Laughable COUP DE FACTO TAGGED the mandate of the Youth.

Sincerely, the purported group deserves no response but after careful perusal of the statements contained in the purported press release where they claimed to be the New APC CECPC fighting from the corner of the youth, and we as a support group established mainly to bridge the information and direction gaps between the Party and the teeming progressive Nigerian youth, we thought it’s important to put the record straight.

Succinctly, anyone with his right and workable sense will attest to the rigid fact that calling for the game changer to vacate office or trying to overthrow a legitimate constituted leadership of our party at this time when the court of competent jurisdiction has just validated his nomination as the caretaker chairman of the party is not only laughing but ridiculous.

The precarious insinuation that the caretaker committee had overstayed or living short of expectations is far from being truth especially when everyone can attest to the fact that the emergence of Mai Mala Buni as caretaker chairman is a blessing to the growth of the party, something all opposition parties are feeling jealous.

It’s a sincere fact that whenever the party’s administration is put on the table, the Mai Mala Buni formula will surely be put to bear. It’s very disgusting that those purported youth are allowing the opposition to use them for selfish interests. No one dares to change the game-changer.

Furthermore, as a party’s support group founded solely to consolidate on the gains of the governance being put in place by the Party and to help in strengthening the party by galvanizing the teeming youths and students on the progressive agenda of the Mr. President, His Excellency Muhammadu Buhari; we prayed God to give the purported youth a better reasoning technique so as to be able to identify the difference between six and half dozen.

While calling on all party stakeholders and members to ignore the beer-parlor assertion on Mai Mala Buni, we express our unalloyed support to the current leadership of the party and express absolute confidence in the Party’s ability to conduct a free and acceptable National convention being slated for February 2022 in preparation to the forthcoming General elections.

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